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    De contributie bedraagt € 26,00 per maand. Voor leden onder 18 jaar bedraagt de contributie €13,00 per maand. Voor dit bedrag kan aan alle drie disciplines worden deelgenomen op alle trainingstijden.
    The members of Kendo Kai Den Haag are also expected to become members of the NKR. This membership gives access to six annual central training sessions, exams and competitions per discipline.
    Also find our culture document, general terms and conditions and privacy statement here.



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    Kendo Kai Den Haag
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    Is kendo/iaido/jodo suitable for me?

    Yes, provided it is physically possible. Kendo and jodo are contact sports, so you must be able to deliver controlled blows. Iaido is hard on the knees because many katas start in a sitting position on the ground.

    Can I come and take a look?

    Yes, you are always welcome! We would like to hear in advance when you would like to come by.

    Is kendo/iaido/jodo difficult?

    The difficulty lies in the simplicity. Therefore, a lifetime is not enough to learn them.

    Is kendo/iaido/jodo only for men?

    Not at all! Men and women train next to and with each other. At the European level, kendo has separate championships, but in iaido and jodo the European championships are also mixed.

    Can you also use kendo for self-defense?

    Kendo trains your sense of timing and distance and makes you physically and mentally stronger. However, it is not intended as a means of self-defense.

    Do I need to buy equipment in advance?

    No, wait until you know you want to keep training. Before purchasing equipment, discuss with your teacher where to buy equipment, how to take measurements, and so on. And then ask your teacher for advice about web shops and the right sizes and the like.

    Do I need to buy a real sword when I start iaido?

    No, you start with a wooden sword first. If, after a few months, you know that you want to continue with iaido, you can discuss this with your teacher. Then you will look at what the best sword is for you and where it is best to buy it.

    Do you need a weapons permit for a sword?

    No, according to the Weapons Act, every adult can own a sword. You may also transport it, provided it is packed in such a way that it cannot be quickly used.

    I used to do kendo/iaido/jodo, can I become a member?

    Yes of course! Please note: people who start again after a stop have a high risk of injuries, because your body has become unaccustomed to the movements as you remember them. So start slowly and build up your fitness until the body can do what the head wants again.