The European Iaido Championships

The European Iaido Championships took place on 3-4 September 2022 in Modena, Italy.

5 KKDH members were there, making up half of the Dutch team:

- Marcel (mudan, individual competition)

- C. (mudan, individual competition)

- Noël (nidan, individual and team competition)

- Lorena (sandan, individual and team competition)

- Kenichi (yondan, individual competition)

Aad Sensei was there as a referee for the Championships, while Liston came as a (are rather, the) supporter of the NKR team.

Saturday was for the individual competitions. For C., Marcel, Lorena and Kenichi, this was their first time at the European Iaido Championships. That makes it extra remarkable that the first three made it all the way to the quarterfinals. Kenichi made it to the first knockout round, which he narrowly lost.

Furthermore, C. got a Fighting Spirit prize in the mudan category. And Noël? As usual, he made it to the final, where he took the silver.

On Sunday, the country team competitions took place. The Dutch team consisted of Stan (Yushinkan, godan), Jolanda (Holland Jikiden Kan, godan, reserve), Lorena and Noël. The team made it to the semi-finals, where it lost to the host country and so took the third place.

There were also exams on Sunday afternoon: C. and Marcel became shodan and Noël became sandan.

Congratulations to all KKDH members!

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